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Steelseries SENSEI

Quick Features:

The SENSEI by Steelseries uses a Laser sensor from Avago, specifically the ADNS-A9500, providing a DPI/CPI range of 1 to 5,700 CPI. This is combined with a 32 bit ARM. This results in a tracking speed of 150ips, and a maximum acceleration of 30G. It uses a USB connection with a 2m, braided cable. The SENSEI is considered to be an ambidextrous mouse. It weighs in at 102 grams with the cable and is approximately 125.5 x 68.3 x 38.7 mm (LxWxH).

Manufactures description:

The Sensei is our version of the grand-master in our dojo. The name fits because everything we ever learned and researched about mice, all that makes a mouse great, is exactly what we built the SteelSeries Sensei around. It is one of those rare hardware products forged by love and science, trial and error, passion from professional gamers and a desire to push the envelope. SteelSeries Sensei was born for tournament victory; it was built to help you win. Master your game. Meet the Sensei.

SteelSeries Sensei can be fast, like really light-speed fast, if you need that kind of speed. Because we use a 32-bit ARM processor in the mouse, we can double (x2) your mouse sensitivity. The default CPI ranges from 1 to 5,700. Doubling that allows for 5,701 to 11,400.

The ARM processor is as fast as the original 75MHz Pentium processor. That may sound like overkill, but it;s this type of power that allows us to do sophisticated calculations directly on the mouse without the need for software drivers and without having to rely on the user's computer.



 No. of Buttons 8
 No. of Macro Keys 
 No. of Game Profiles 
 Connection USB
 Cable length 2m, braided
 Colour Silver
 Ambidextrous Yes
 Software Steelseries Engine
 Weights No


 Type Laser
 Brand Avago
 Model ADNS-A9500
 Processor 32 bit ARM
 Lift off distance 1-5mm
 DPI/CPI 1 to 5,700 CPI
 Memory Size 
 Max tracking speed 150ips
 Max acceleration 30G
 Response time 
 FPS 12000
 NVIDIA Reflex 


 Colour Options 16.8 million
 Lighting Effect 

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH) 125.5 x 68.3 x 38.7 mm
 Weight (grams) 102
 Weight w/o cable 


Steelseries - SENSEI (image: 11)Steelseries - SENSEI (image: 12)Steelseries - SENSEI (image: 13)Steelseries - SENSEI (image: 14)Steelseries - SENSEI (image: 15)

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