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Quick Features:

The HAMMER by Zowie Gear, which uses a 40 mm driver. It uses a 3.5mm Gold-plated connection with a 1.2m + 1.8m = 3.0m cable. This delivers a frequency response of 15 - 25,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 98 dB +/- 4dB. It also has a Uni-directional microphone with a frequency response of 60 - 10,000 Hz and a sensitivity of -57dB +/- 4dB.

Manufactures description:

Let us be honest. We are aware that the HAMMER is not the most aesthetic headset on the market, but we believe that performance and durability is more important than looks. We are quite certain that the HAMMER is the most durable headset on the market, thanks to its flexible lightweight design. The HAMMER is designed to be more than just a headset with input and output; it is designed to be able to endure the daily challenges (note: beating) of a competitive gamer with a temper.

Not only is the HAMMER super durable, it also has excellent sound quality that provides clear and precise audio, allowing the user to quickly pinpoint the location of specific sounds and enemies.



 Weight (grams) 
 Connection 3.5mm Gold-plated
 Cable Length 1.2m + 1.8m = 3.0m


 Colour Options 
 Lighting Effect 


 Size 40 mm
 Impedance 32 Ohm
 Frequency Response 15 - 25,000 Hz
 Max. input power 
 Sensitivity at 1KHz 98 dB +/- 4dB


 Directivity Uni-directional
 Sensitivity at 1KHz -57dB +/- 4dB
 Frequency Response 60 - 10,000 Hz
 Signal-to-Noise Ratio 
 Capsule Size 


Zowie - HAMMER (image: 387)

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