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Vengeance M95

Corsair Vengeance M95

Quick Features:

The Vengeance M95 by Corsair uses a Laser sensor from Avago, the ADNS-A9800, providing a DPI/CPI range of up to 8200dpi. It uses a USB connection.

Manufactures description:

Vengeance M95 is designed for the complex demands of massively multiplayer and realtime strategy games. It offers easy programming, 15 intelligently positioned buttons, and onboard storage for unique button setups for each game.

The advanced 8,200 DPI laser sensor is designed to give great performance, even on not-so-great surfaces.



 No. of Buttons 15
 No. of Macro Keys 
 No. of Game Profiles 
 Connection USB
 Cable length 
 Ambidextrous No
 Software Yes


 Type Laser
 Brand Avago
 Model ADNS-A9800
 Lift off distance 
 DPI/CPI 8200
 Memory Size 
 Max tracking speed 
 Max acceleration 
 Response time 1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz, or 125Hz (1ms, 2ms, 4ms or 8ms)
 NVIDIA Reflex 


 Colour Options Blue
 Lighting Effect 

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH) 
 Weight (grams) 
 Weight w/o cable 


Corsair - Vengeance M95 (image: 609)Corsair - Vengeance M95 (image: 610)Corsair - Vengeance M95 (image: 611)Corsair - Vengeance M95 (image: 612)Corsair - Vengeance M95 (image: 613)Corsair - Vengeance M95 (image: 614)Corsair - Vengeance M95 (image: 615)

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