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Roccat Raivo

Manufactures description:

Unleashing the battle-ready ROCCAT Raivo high-velocity gaming mousepad. The Raivo comes complete with three optimized layers for perfect combat-precision. With a non-slip rubber back, an integrated support plate, and an innovative micro-granular surface, your ROCCAT mouse will glide over the Raivo like an eagle super slick. Available in three kickass colors: stealth black, lightning blue and midnight black.



 Material micro-granular surface, rubber back
 Color Black with Blue
 Dimension (LxWxH) 350 x 270 x 2
 Size L


 Connecton Type 


Roccat - Raivo (image: 519)Roccat - Raivo (image: 520)Roccat - Raivo (image: 521)Roccat - Raivo (image: 522)

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