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HADES - Laser Extension

Gamdias HADES - Laser Extension

Quick Features:

The HADES - Laser Extension by Gamdias uses a Laser sensor from Avago, specifically the A9800, providing a DPI/CPI range of 8200dpi. It uses a USB, gold plated connection with a 2m, braided cable. The HADES - Laser Extension is considered to be an ambidextrous mouse.

Manufactures description:

When developing HADES the ambidextrous gaming mouse, GAMDIAS design team had everyone in their mind, both right and left handed gamers have the joy to experience gaming at the highest level with adaptability. As a GAMDIAS gamer, you now have the freedom to adjust your gaming style by customizing the 3 interchangeable side panels that comes with HADES gaming mouse. Having that option to adapt to maximize play comfort during a long-winded battle could simply be the sole difference between victory and defeat.



 No. of Buttons 7
 No. of Macro Keys 
 No. of Game Profiles 6
 Connection USB, gold plated
 Cable length 2m, braided
 Ambidextrous Yes
 Software HERA
 Weights Yes


 Type Laser
 Brand Avago
 Model A9800
 Lift off distance 
 DPI/CPI 8200dpi
 Memory Size 256K
 Max tracking speed 
 Max acceleration 
 Response time 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000 Hz polling
 NVIDIA Reflex 


 Colour Options 6 sets of LED
 Lighting Effect Ambient lighting effects

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH) 124.5 x 66 x 40 mm
 Weight (grams) 
 Weight w/o cable 


Gamdias - HADES - Laser Extension (image: 1733)Gamdias - HADES - Laser Extension (image: 1734)Gamdias - HADES - Laser Extension (image: 1735)Gamdias - HADES - Laser Extension (image: 1736)Gamdias - HADES - Laser Extension (image: 1737)Gamdias - HADES - Laser Extension (image: 1738)

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