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SCUF Gaming Unveils SCUF Envision, the Game-Changing PC Controller

SCUF Gaming, a renowned creator of high-performance gaming controllers, has announced the launch of its innovative new line of PC controllers, the SCUF Envision. This controller is tailored specifically for PC gamers and aims to redefine the PC gaming experience with its advanced customization and state-of-the-art technology. The SCUF Envision offers an unmatched level of control, granting PC gamers a significant competitive edge. It features 11 additional remappable inputs compared to standard controllers, allowing gamers to design a controller layout that aligns with their unique playstyle. The controller also boasts five fully programmable G-Keys, two Side Action (SAX) buttons, and four integrated back paddles. Furthermore, the SCUF Envision integrates seamlessly with Corsair iCUE software, enabling gamers to customize thumbstick and trigger response curves and synchronize the controller’s RGB light strip with their gaming setup.

For more details, visit the official product page.