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What is the best mouse for me

There is no "Best Mouse" that is ideal for everyone, rather there are a whole range of mice that suites a massive range of users and uses.

You should ignore the marketing hype around many of the brands and focus on what you need/want out of a mouse, even try to find people in your gaming community that have the mouse you are interested in and get some feed back.

If at all possible go to a store and see if you can try it.

You should consider the following to help you select the right mouse for you:

  1. Physical size and comfort - you should have a good understanding of how the mouse will fix in your hand. You should take into consideration your style grip (Claw, Finger and Palm).
  2. Features - Does this mouse have all the features that are essential to what you want to use it for. If its for gaming more buttons or DPI/CPI are not always that important. having a large number of buttons is no good if you cannot reach them or cannot use them without pressing the correct one.
  3. Software - do you need to use software to configure the mouse? if so how often are you going to need to do this. Are the setting saved to the mouse or stored on the PC.